Is your top talent leaving your business?


Avoid losing your high performing top talent with these quick tips.

Conduct an employee survey – find out what your staff thinks about the direction of the company, their role, job satisfaction, their supervisor, company benefits, communications, training, development, support, etc… Once completed, compile the information and look for any trends or common themes.

Salary analysis & competition – There have been a plethora of reports stating that most people do not leave primarily for more money. However, they do leave if they feel underpaid for the value they bring to the company. Conduct a competitive wage analysis to ensure your pay scale has not fallen behind.

Treat your employees like they matter – As the economy continues to show signs of improvement, it is time to un-freeze pay raises and increase training budgets. Help your high performers improve by offering employee development programs, trainings, and professional coaching. Give them the tools necessary to achieve higher levels of success.

Share the companies’ vision, goals, and values – Let everyone know the overall vision of the company, the goals necessary to achieve the vision, and the values that govern all decisions. This open communication will make each person feel they are valuable and an important part of the team.

Creating a plan to keep top performers will decrease turnover and make your company more attractive when recruiting new talent.

If you have any questions about how to keep your top talent, contact us today!

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