Client Comments

Michael Corley

‪Experience Business Executive; Business Consultant; Board of Directors

‪Marc has been engaged by our company to assist in developing our sales team and helping take their understanding of the sales process, and therefore sales results, to another level. He is extremely knowledgeable about each step of the sales process, knows how to train the same, and understands that each person is unique so he develops plans/ideas specific to each. He has been a pleasure to work with and has achieved what he was asked to do. I strongly recommend him.

Chuck Walker

‪‪Managing Partner at Suncoast Business Technologies, LLC

‪Marc has been a great asset not only to our company with the information he has provided us with but also to several of our clients that we have referred him to. He has stepped into difficult situations and handled them with professionalism and an ability to interact with a widely diverse group to bring them together for in a common goal for the company.

‪November 22, 2009, Chuck was with another company when working with Marc at Right Performance Management

Ron Yazzetti Jr.

‪‪Sales leader in the online and social media recruitment space.

‪Marc is a true business professional. He is extremely educated in the area of profiling ideal candidates for your business. Whether you have a group of potential candidates to chose from our just a few he can let you know which one will be the best fit for your company. This has a strong effect on reducing turnover and increasing productivity. Anyone that is interested…more

‪February 15, 2008, Ron was with another company when working with Marc at Right Performance Management

Joey Brannon, CPA 

‪Founder at The Consulting CPA

‪RPM helps us and our clients manage the most expensive and critical resource in business…people. Marc possesses a wealth of expertise in personal and behavioral development and has an ability to help business owners make very tough decisions with confidence. He has helped our clients select the right employee for a job, increase productivity from existing employees, become more effective in selling and become better managers. He’s helped me understand the different personalities and motivations on my staff and how knowledge workers must be managed to get the best results. Above all else Marc is a trusted business adviser you can rely on for the long term.

Jean Genzano 

‪Director of Advertising Sales, Brand & Publisher Revenue at StumbleUpon

‪Marc’s passion to dive into the depths of behavior analysis and his instinctual sales acumen collide to make him a very influential business advisor and, not surprisingly, instant mentor to a sales person like myself. I ran on to Marc’s radar at 500 mph on a cold call one day and he must’ve seen me coming! Without intention, Marc has turned from prospect to sales coach as he’s helped me identify my own sales style and capitalize on what makes it work, and what makes is “wonk”. Sales person, sales force or the entire company – I advise you to run as fast as you can on to his radar and watch your sales go up, up, up.

Dianne Kopczynski, CPA, CIA

‪Partner at Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC with extensive experience in audit and consulting services.

‪Marc is an innovative, resourceful, solution oriented person who invariably understands exactly what he needs to do in a project because he listens to your needs. He is very easy to talk to and highly respected by his peers on both a personal and professional level. Making your company succeed is his only goal.‪

Steward Wagner

‪Financial Manager

‪Marc and I have worked together in several different capacities. I have found Marc to be extremely insightful into the issues and resolution of those issues. Marc provided us with the tools and knowledge to make exceptional hiring decisions on several occasions, which ensured the success of the employees, company, and our relationship with Marc.

Peter Quartararo

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‪Senior Managing Partner at All Relocation Concerns A.R.C. LLC

‪As a long time Operationally focused Manager, I realized I needed some professional coaching in the manner in which I was interacting with Sales. I was introduced and worked with Marc over a several month period. As a first step to ongoing growth, Marc employed a profile assessment to which I still refer in situations where necessary in exploring actions/ reactions. His insight and knowledge transcended Sales interaction and as it helped then, it helps today.

Tracy O’Neill, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

‪Public Accounting – Professional Management

‪Marc/his business have been a great resource for our company. We truely value and appreciate the services that he provides us. He is professional, easy to work with, and conducts himself with integrity.‪

Mark Thompson

‪Results-driven B2B strategist for Fortune 500 & mid-market CEOs. Provide clarity & direction to improve performance

‪I have had an opportunity to work with Marc through his efforts at the LWRBA as well as with his clients. Marc is a great networker and always places the concerns for his client’s success.

Mike Hudson

‪Information Technology and Services Professional

‪I attended his Management Training 202 class. Management is a very tricky beast to tackle. Not only did Marc help me become a better manager, but he helped me understand myself and the interactions I have with my team. Everyone is different and everyone requires a different approach. I cannot thank him enough for helping me understand those fundamentals. I highly recommend his services, regardless of your current management experience.