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Founded in 2006, Lakewood Ranch Florida, RPM has successfully worked with businesses and employees to bridge the gap for growth and development.  Clients have experienced higher levels of employee engagement, retaining their top talent, and seeing their businesses reach new heights.

We know that “People Don’t Quit Jobs, They Quit Managers” and customizes approaches to helping managers develop the people skills they need to lead effectively.  A manager having strong technical skills does not equal the ability to manage or supervise others.

Sometimes people struggle in their jobs, even seasoned sales reps. We take a unique approach to getting new salespeople on-boarded and slumping sales reps back on a winning track, fast.

Using the proven model of Growth Strategy, we look at what stage of business life a company is in now and what specifically it will take to move into the next stage of growth.  Growth Strategy provides a definitive process to identify the challenges a company is facing today, narrow the solutions and add accountability to get everyone focused on the right things at the right time.

Call RPM Business Advisors today for a free consult (941) 224-8077, or email msimms@rpmba.com.  “It’s Your Business, Your Success” It’s Your Call!

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