How Your Company Can Communicate During The Coronavirus Outbreak

How Your Company Can Communicate During The Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 has forced businesses and organizations around the world into dealing with unprecedented circumstances. While there may be no tried and true roadmap available to help guide companies through these trying times, there are a few basics companies should continue to practice. Proper planning, communication, and transparency can help you make sure your business sees the other side of this pandemic.

Create a COVID-19 Task Force

First and foremost, you should be assessing how your company is going to be affected by COVID-19. Form a team from different functions of your company to asses your needs and risks. This team should include representatives from the key functions of your business including supply chain, human resources, communications, sales, legal, and more.

Determine who in the task force will make decisions and who will have ultimate authority. Make certain that it is understood throughout the company that employees should only listen to the task force for company updates regarding the virus. Agree internally about what will be communicated before making any announcements to avoid confusion.


The most important part of this pandemic for your company will be how your company communicates not only with the customers but with the employees as well. Review the needs of your audience and determine who needs what information and who needs it first.

Your communication plan should be centered around the measures you’re taking to ensure your employees and customers are safe during this pandemic. Regularly pass on information and news to your employees. Don’t let them find out information about the company second-hand. Be sure they are in the know at all times to avoid confusion and a spread of misinformation.

Media Inquiries

This pandemic should change the way your company moves in regards to media inquiries. Consider pushing back any announcements you had planned for the foreseeable future. Journalists, news outlets, and media consumers are focused on COVID-19.

It’s recommended that companies only release statements informing the public on any policy changes during the pandemic. Do not release any information on how the business is being affected by the pandemic.

During these uncertain times, it can be easy to lose yourself in panic when thinking about the future of your company. However, with proper planning and communication, your company can make it out of this pandemic.

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